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Let‘s Learn to Play Old Games

During educational activities called “Let‘s Learn to Play Old Games‘‘ students are given an opportunity to familiarise themselves with old time games and toys our grandparents played with during the late XIX c. and early XXc. This educational activity consists of two parts: first students are familiarised with ancient folk games and toys by revealing their variety and origins, also by showing ways to play with them. During the first part, wooden toys will be presented and rules of circle games explained. During the practical part 1-4 grade students will be invited to play circle games such as “Cat and Mouse”, “Poppy”, “Cuckoo and Hawk”. Students will be invited to take a carriage ride in a wooden dray, to play “Kerepėža” (Doofus), to “Pass the Ring” and to participate in a fun relay. 5-10 grade students are invited to participate in individual or team competitions. Favourite games are the following: “Centipede Competition”, “Hit the Roll”, “Sack Race”, “Accuracy Testing Games”. Students will also have an opportunity to learn stilt walking.
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