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Virkštininkai Manor Inn

Virkštininkai Manor Inn

Virkštininkai Manor is a place situated only 5 km from Palanga and perfect for celebration in all seasons of the year. The masters of the manor will suggest and give advice how to organise your festival. It may be used for weddings, anniversaries, christening, collective celebrations, graduation celebrations and other festivals. Thus you should not hurry to choose a place for your party if you have not visited "Virkštininkų dvaro užeiga" (Virkštininkai Manor Inn) yet. Here you will find everyone: luxurious banquet halls, hotel, sauna, outdoor stage, children playroom, swings etc. The cafe has two separate spaces for parties: a party for up to 150 persons and a buffet for more than 400 persons may be organised in the main hall of the cafe. The capacity of the small hall is up to 50 persons. The capacity of the larger hall is up to 100 persons, a buffet may be organised for 150 persons. In the season up to 200 persons may be invited to summer terraces. Let us: To prepare the menu; To arrange the festive meal; To decorate the table and premises; To serve meals and beverages: To cater your guests…….. You can use barbecue for your own products outside and an outdoor tent which accomodates up to 25 persons. Here you can celebrate your birthday, christening or simply have fun with your friends. 2020 Virkštininkai Manor Electronic Information Centre
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Liepų Str. 6, Vydmantai, Kretinga District




Opening hours:

I-IV 11:00 – 20:00

V-VI 11:00 – 00:00

VI 11:00 – 20:00

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