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Kretinga District for those who are looking for quality holidays

Kretinga – a land rich in nature, history, culture and entertainment. It is only a small region in Lithuania, a tiny part of Samogitia, however, it still has many traces of different cultures. There visitors may acquire some knowledge, relax mentally and physically, find inner peace or experience adventures.  

Kretinga is the most known place in Kretinga district.  There tourists from Lithuania and the whole world can find the famous Tiškevičiai manor with Winter Garden and Ensemble of the Franciscan monks – the church and the monastery. Visitors who have more time will find a deep town’s history, legacy of interwar and several verdurous parks. However, Kretinga district itself astonish even those who think they have seen everything. Several dozen mounds stand there as a reminder of district’s militant past. Beautiful landscapes open from tops of some mounds however some are located in depths of forests. Looking for mounds scattered all over the district feels like playing a fun detective game.

In case after climbing Imbarė mound escarpment you want to see more nature, these educational trails are waiting for you: Jurykla Park, Kartena’s, Dauginčiai exposure‘s and another one, meandering from Kalnalis to the spectacular Imbarė mound.

While mounds are a reminder of the glorious Curonian tribe life, in the district there are more objects through which visitors will know more cultures.  The Japanese garden in Darbėnai eldership will take you to the distant Land of the Rising Sun. The Baltic Mythological Park will help you to get acquainted with the philosophy of your ancestors and to know your roots. The cities of Kretinga, Darbėnai and Salantai are rich in Jewish cultural heritage. Cosy churches reflecting Christian traditions await in every major village or town.

Kretinga district also attracts visitors looking for active leisure or opportunities for health promotion. In Kretinga everyone will discover activities suitable for them: kayaking enthusiasts, extreme sports lovers, horse riding lovers or people who would like to test themselves on adventure trails. The town would truly impress people who love relaxing surrounded by nature or who wish to reborn again. After all, the region is famous for spa services, hot saunas, pools. Kretinga district awaits everyone – those who come there for a day, or those who plan longer vacations. During your stay in Kretinga you will not experience a single moment of boredom.