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About us

Kretinga is for those who love with heart

Kretinga town is a perfect dessert for those who travel around Lithuania. Kretinga which was first mentioned in the 13th century is like a book each page of which more interesting than another. These areas are the areas of the old tribe of Curonians and the town preserved by J. K. Chodkevičius in the 17th century and the centre of Franciscan monks and the corner of the country loved by the counts Tiškevičius. Stories of different periods, different rules and events are intertwined in Kretinga town. The town is much more than Tiškevičius Palace and the Franciscan monastery which are famous throughout Lithuania. After sightseeing the exclusive historical objects, it is really work to wander around the streets of Kretinga. The walls of buildings in the town are still living in history. It is worth to stop in the green park of the town; there are even several parts; you can find manorial and natural landscape. It is well worth to simply sit down in the historical square of Kretinga Town Hall and feel the extraordinary spirit of the town.

The surrounding areas of Kretinga are distinguished by its long history, legends catching attention. Most interesting historical facts:

  • In 1878, the first hydro power plant in Lithuania was constructed in an old watermill in Kretinga.
  • In 1882, the manor of Kretinga count Tiškevičius and the manors of the counts Oginskis in Plungė and Rietavas were connected with the first telephone line.
  • A kindergarten established in 1898 in the premises of the hospital of Kretinga Manor of the countess Marija Tiškevičiūtė is considered as the first kindergarten in Lithuania.
  • Kretinga church is famous for the painting of Saint Anthony described by the bishop Motiejus Valančius already in 1848: "not only Samogitians flow with gifts every time". People pray at the painting and ask for help untill these days.
  • Here you can enjoy breathtaking nature and cultural and sacral heritage or simply refresh your body with active leisure and health promotion activities.

About the Tourism Information Centre (TIC)

After approval of the new regulations by 27 May 2010 Decision No T2-218 of the Council of Kretinga District Municipality, the Teacher Education Centre of Kretinga District (after the reorganisation in 2016, the Education Centre of Kretinga District) started to provide tourism and information services. The main objective is to collect, accumulate and provide information on the places and objects to visit in Kretinga to tourists and guests of Kretinga town free of charge.

As of 2012, tourism information services are provided by the tourism managers of the Education Centre of Kretinga District (ECKD) in the premises located in the centre of the town (Vilniaus g. 2B, Kretinga). Currently in Kretinga district tourism information centre works deputy director for tourism Rita Beržanskienė and tourism managers Valdonė Žiobakienė ir Laura Kriginaitė. They are guided by the Republic of Lithuania Law on Tourism and other legal acts regulating tourism activities, decisions of the Council of Kretinga District Municipality, orders of the head of administration, orders of the orders of director of the ECKD, the regulations of the institution.