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Active leisure


Have you ever heard about motoball? Competitions of this unusual sport only happen in two Lithuanian places, one of which is Kretinga! Motoball is a ball game, taking place in a football field, however, you will not see players running around because the ball is chased using motorcycles. This event is worth every passionate cheer and a million pictures. We invite you to visit motoball stadium where international championships happen every summer, and no one is left bored. After this event, you will get amazing impressions. Everyone in Kretinga watches motoball!
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Tiekėjų g. 34, Kretinga



+370655 49945




Adults – 5 eur.

Children (up to 8 years old) – 2 euros.

For pensioners – 2 eur.

For the disabled – 2 eur.