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Rain sauna

It is our pleasure to invite every sauna lover to a traditional Lithuanian bathhouse, which has an attendant and offers sauna procedures. In the sauna’s steamer, there is an intermittent heating furnace, which allows usage of a gentle steam. Temperature is 55-65 Co degree, humidity around 70-80 %, which allows feeling a special comfort, along with wide sunbeds, which are perfect to sit or lay down. Various scrubs are used in the sauna, whisking and at the end of the procedures we pamper themselves by rubbing in mud, honey etc. We always offer visitors some tea with honey. We wish everyone a pleasant rest. You can find us by address: Liepų 2a, Šukė, Kretinga distr. Bathhouse attendants are Vaida and Rimantas. Phone: 860313820 or 867039627.
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Liepų 2a,Šukė, Kretinga district



+37060313820 or  +37067039627