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Špečkauskai sauna

If you are looking for a cosy sauna for jolly celebration of a birthday, Špečkauskas family sauna in Kartena town will be a perfect place. A separate cosy bath house with a rather large terrace from which one can reach the pond or jump from a special footbridge is away from the owners' house, at the pond which can be reached by stairs, in the shadows of trees. The path from the terrace leads to a 30 sq. m banquet hall for celebration of up to 25 persons. In summer, when the air is fine, celebrations may be organised in a semi-covered terrace; it is a great opportunity to enjoy beautiful views of the pond and nature at the table. At night the pond is lighted with lantern lamps which will be evaluated by lovers of romance. Those who do not like to sit at the table for a long time will have a great opportunity to enjoy the sauna, bath in the pond or the swimming pool. Size of the swimming pool: 5 x 2.5 m. The temperature of the heated swimming pool is 23-25 °C; thus, you will have an opportunity to swim after the bath at any time of the season and in any weather. There is a rather large ground near the bath building in which you can play action-type games and organise various competitions. Those who wish active leisure have an opportunity to enjoy canoes in the river Minija and use the sauna in the evening. Accommodation The second floor of the bathhouse is used for accommodation. The price includes padded berths with pillows. We provide a soft mattress and prepared bedding for an additional fee in the amount of EUR 3 per two persons if the customers wish this. There are 9 double beds; if necessary, we can provide additional mattresses with bedding. Hall The capacity of the 30 sq. m hall is up to 25 persons. Audio equipment with 5.1 system (FM/AM, CD, MP3, USB) is available. If the weather is fine, it is possible to bring tables to the semi-covered terrace. In rainy days, the nature and pond will be seen through a large showcase window. You will find a kitchenette with sink in the corner of the hall. Those who wish to use a microwave oven or refrigerator should notify in advance so that we could prepare it. We can rent a set of tableware for parties. If you wish to use barbecue, there is a fireplace for barbecue in the arbor. If you wish, we may provide skewers. Price Rent for several hours – 15 EUR/h Night in sauna from 19:00 to 12:00 – EUR 140. Rent for longer period is possible, price as agreed. Bedding – 3 EUR/bed (two persons)
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Naujoji Gintarų Str. 20, Kartena, Kretingos District


+370612 08 100