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Vila Lunes

Welcome to the cosy homestead-villa ‘’Lunes’’, situated near the Minija ichthyological Reserve in Raguviškiai village. This homestead is a great choice for recreation, as well as organising conferences and seminars or important celebrations such as weddings, baptisms or anniversaries. This rented homestead-villa is located near Minija river, surrounded by beautiful nature. In the first floor a spacious banqueting room, accommodating 50-60 people. In the second floor cosy and bright rooms with 28 sleeping areas for guests are set, also a cosy hall to spend some nice, relaxing time and a 35 square meter balcony where our guests will be able to see the sunset and get a nice cup of coffee before leaving. Homestead-villa ‘’Lunes’’ also has integrated ventilation system, so you will not have to worry about indoor temperature. Furthermore, we have a free Wi-Fi available to every guest. Outside a 90 square meter courtyard, which is also available for celebrations and events. For the convenience of our guests, we also provide cooking services – our chef Milda will make you any meal of your personal choice! Homestead – villa ‘’Lunes’’ is an exceptional space to organize luxurious weddings, baptism celebrations, anniversaries, as well as cosy Christmas parties or working and training conferences. We are always ready to provide all kinds of assistance to every guest because we know how sometimes guests can get lost in organizing a party especially when trying to organize it for the first time or just not deciding on one issue or another.
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Žalgirio str. 15, Raguviškių VIL., Kretingos dirscrict


+370 611 41 500