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2021 07 26

A flavour tour in Kretinga

A flavour tour in Kretinga

This year travelling was restricted, however, this does not mean you can‘t experience the world right now! One of the most pleasant ways to know a country, region or city is by food, and the more the better! Kretinga and its vicinities offer a feast for eyes and soul that will satisfy even the most selective eaters. During your visit to Kretinga, you can experience new culinary sensations every day. Your taste buds will travel to Samogitia and much more. The flavours will bring you to Meditarrenian sea region, to Mexico, to a mansion feast and even mom‘s kitchen.

The only such fried bread – only in HBH

The bread is fried bu also soft, covered in delicious cheese HBH fried bread became a clasical snack. Fried bread is sold in almost every cafe, however, this snack was invented in HBH kitchen. To be more precise, fried bread was invented by Rada Matulevičienė, before she even established HBH. At the time fried bread was not served anywhere, however, her kids already enjoyed those tasty bread pieces, covered in mayonnaise and cheese. Who could have thought that someday this childhood snack would become so popular that everyone would start copying it? No matter what would you like to order from the wide and tasty menu, trying the legendary HBH fried bread is a task number one. Then you can truly tell you visited Kretinga.

The real Samogitia region in ,,Vienkiemis‘‘

Samogitia region is definetly sin-worthy; after all, everyone loves cepelinai with pork cracklings, warm kugelis with cold kefir or potato pancakes drowning in a homemade sourcream. However, visitors who would like an exotic approach to Samogitia region, a never experienced flavours of Samogitia, should go directly to ‘‘Vienkiemis‘‘. A code word in this place is ‘‘Šmakalas‘‘. No one from Aukštaitija or Dzūkija could make this meal, it is only made by Samogitian housewives and, especially, by cooks in ,,Vienkiemis‘‘. A cold kefir soup with burned herring might sound unusual, but you won‘t dissapointed and probably will ask for another portion. Šmakalas, made according to Jolanda Šoblinskienė‘s mom‘s old recipe will refresh you during the hottest summer day, after a fun friend reunion until late at night and it will be a great choice, when you are not sure what you would like to order.

Kretinga‘s ‘‘Užupis‘‘ – ‘‘Snack Bar‘‘

When you come to Kretinga be sure you are hungry because there you will have to taste a lot of snacks and delicious meals, especially if you visit a cafe ‘‘Snack Bar‘‘. Just like the famous ‘‘Užupis‘‘, this cafe is near the river, and is attracting customers with its relaxing and cosy atmosphere. Let’s not forget the food, which cis very homely and feels like made by mom. Mom Daiva in her home kitchen created a pulled pork sandwich that could never be found anywhere else. The meat was prepared for few hours; it melts in your mouth! A mild homemade yoghurt sauce will drip through your lips and a homemade barbeque sauce will be especially pleasant to your palate. When you eat this sandwich, you have to be a little messy; it is much better that way.

English – Mexican spirit of ,,Britanija‘‘

If you visit a rock pub of ‚‘‘Britanija‘‘ you might kill two birds with one stone, since there you can feel like you are visiting England, but you can also try Mexican flavours. ‘‘Britanija‘‘ is famous for it‘s rock concerts and English pub style. There you can feel like you are visiting Mexico since no other place offers soft, warm burritos. Delicious meat, crunchy vegetables and gooey cheese wrapped in a tortilla will make you exclaim in pleasure ‘‘Ay caramba!’’. During your visit will want to stay longer and to taste more.

The best dumplings are only in ‘‘Smagratis’’

The world has many delicious meals. Some of them simply exist, while others attract their eaters with legends. It would be hard to find a meal surrounded by legends more than dumplings from ’’Smagratis’’. Swimming in a mild sour cream and crackling sauce, sprinkled with organic dills, beautiful and soft like clouds – those are Kretinga’s residents and guests’ beloved dumplings. Their recipe was known even during XIX c., popularized by counts Tiškevičiai. Chefs in ‘’Smagratis’’ were making those dumplings for 20 years.  Everyone who would like to taste some legend and know what kind of food was eaten by counts Tiškevičiai – ‘’Smagratis’’ is a perfect place.

A sea of Aristocratic flavours

We have great news to those of you who are sad because you aren‘t able to visit Palace of Versailles, Hermitage or other famous palaces. Cafe, located in Tiškevičiai palace invites you to experience mansion culture, emote into aristocratic life and try some affordable luxury. Besides other dishes of popular or manor cuisine, there you can find a special roasted duck breast with caramelized beets and pears with cranberry-red wine sauce. This dish will bring you to a fairy-tale. Eating it will feel as if you are eating in a huge castle, not even the exotic winter garden or a palace. Royal flavour in a royal mansion, straight from the culinary books of counts.

Would you like a small or a big portion of bones?

This s the firs question you will hear in ‘‘Pakalnutė‘‘in Salantai. If you never heard about ‘’Pakalnutė’’ before, then it is about time. You will never find a café like that anywhere else. The hostess will greet you. Her son will fill your glass with a drink. You will choose a meal from a handwritten menu. There you eat together with other guests and share salt and peppers together. This café is one of the most popular in the whole Samogitia and the most popular dish is bones. This is how the hostess calls meaty, smoked ribs. It is said that only a giant would finish the full portion. Even the most selective food specialists will not be left disappointed. Every traveller, who is not a local, will experience an adventure there. It is simply impossible to describe ‘’Pakalnutė’’ and it’s famous ribs. If you are curious, you should visit this place to have some great time and delicious food.

If you are looking for something exotic, this chocolate is made for you

It is impossible to leave Kretinga hungry. Moreover, you can’t leave without trying famous chocolate from ‘’Dvaro Saldaininė’’. To be precise, there are two versions – ‘’count’s’’ and ‘’countesses’’. The feminine version is made with chicory. This recipe was found in the countess Sofija Tiskeviciene’s diary, written in XIX c. her husband Juozapas maybe never wrote about culinary; however, a chocolate with cracklings is made in his honour. Yes, you heard it right it has cracklings. It is hard to believe, but the chocolate is amazing, unusual and crunchy. Both chocolates are handmade so there is a lot of real cacao, quality ingredients and love. When the chocolate is melting in your mouth you can for sure feel the aristocratic aftertaste.