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2021 03 17

Travel in Lithuania: familiarise with the Jewish heritage

Travel in Lithuania: familiarise with the Jewish heritage

While travelling abroad is complicated, a great opportunity to better known own land and its places which were inadequately explored opens up. This time we offer to follow the footprints of the Jewish culture in Lithuania. A newly created Jewish heritage map will help to find the most interesting and historically relevant Jewish synagogues, ghettos, memorials and other structures.


By virtue of the map you will be able to easily create a meaningful and enriching tour itinerary or find out what objects of the Jewish heritage are located near your place of resident or visit. The map has been created in implementation of the project partially financed by the EU “E-Marketing of Jewish Cultural Heritage in Priority Tourism Regions in Lithuania”. Artūras Taicas, the chairman of the Jewish Cultural Heritage Route Association which implements the project encourages to travel around Lithuania more and together find the objects of the Lithuanian Jewish heritage.


“The Lithuanian Jewish history is rich and interesting but it is still poorly known. Sometimes we live very close to the Jewish heritage objects and do not know the stories they hide. It is also worth to remember that the history of the Lithuanian Jews is the history of each Lithuanian national. If we take an interest in it, we can understand a lot of things about our nation,” says A. Taicas.


The newly created map will help to quickly find the places worth visiting and provide additional information about the Jewish heritage: ghettos, wooden and masonry synagogues, buildings associated with famous Jewish people. You will also be able to find historical information on each object, travel itinerary and places to visit in the surrounding areas. Thematic maps are intended specially for wooden synagogues and the Jewish heritage objects in the largest cities of Lithuania. Do not have the possibility to travel? Short video stories will help to come to known the Jewish heritage better. You just have to find some time and go on a trip on the most interesting paths of the history of the Lithuanian Jews.



The Jewish Cultural Heritage Route Association is an association uniting the municipalities and other organisations of Lithuania the aim of which is to actualise and introduce the Jewish cultural heritage in Lithuania with a view to promoting local tourism and inbound tourism.

If you wish to receive more information, please address Darius Sakalauskas (