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Active leisure

Amusement Park “BOOM park”

If you want to be a bit wild, but not too much, come to “Boom park”. The park‘s founders say that the park is for everyone: child, adult, or someone who has gone a bit off the deep end. Boom park offers so many attractions, it can make your head spin: a crazy rush in a tyre down the hill, leaps onto air pillows, labyrinths and various obstacle courses. But if your maturity gets the best of you and you just want to sit in peace, pavilions and gazebos await your party or gathering. And that is not all. At Boom park, you can breathe the fresh air, grill some summertime food in the designated campfire areas, and relax in a sauna.
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Mokyklos Str. 90, Žibininkai Village, Kretinga District