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Active leisure

Lūšies kelias

If you want to try entertainment which gives adrenaline and is reviving, the adventure park "Lūšies kelias" is just for you. It is exceptional and one of the largest adventure parks in Lithuania located in HBH leisure and entertainment centre. It consists of seven tracks of different complexity and height with almost 90 contests and more than 10 zip lines. Visitors will experience real challenges and fast flights the length of which is from 30 to 140 metres. Recently, two new tracks, i.e. unique ZOO tack above “Žvėrinčius" and especially extreme orange track with the longest (33 m) Tarzan's jump, have been installed. While entertaining in the adventure park “Lūšies kelias", you will get a good dose of adrenaline and unforgettable experience. Here everyone will find their place.
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Liepų Str. 23, Žibininkai Village, Kretinga District