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Active leisure

Riding school LEADER (LYDERIS)

Horse riding near Palanga The youth riding school LEADER (LYDERIS) invites you to actively and pleasantly spend time with horses. During the trip you will be able to familiarise yourself with wanderful animals, i.e. horses, which will produce a lot of positive emotions. You will ride along the coast of the river Žiba and wanderful pinewoods of Palanga neighbourhoods, breath in fresh forest air and at the same time you will closely familiarise with the magnificent animals. Offers: horse riding for one person, two or more people (up to 10 people), the duration of horse riding is 40 min, price per one horse – EUR 24 (if 4 and more horses are ordered for riding at the same time, the price per horse is EUR 20); pony riding for children, the duration: 20 min, price EUR 20; personal horse riding lessons for riders with different experience; the duration: 45 min, price: EUR 35; trip to the sea with horses, the duration of the trip: about 3 hours, negotiated price; hiking with horses, the duration: 6 hours; negotiated price; educational programmes with horse riding for children and youth (up to 8 people), duration: 45 min., price: EUR 50; festivals for children and youth (birthdays, anniversaries, bachelorette parties, bachelor parties, marriage proposals) in the stud farm or nature; we can also transport horses to your party to the desired place; the duration and price: as negotiated; photoshoot with horses; we can transport horses to the desired place; price: as negotiated; therapy with horses; stall for your horse, price per day – EUR 10 Conditions: people with no horse riding experience may ride, the calmest and most reliable horses are chosen; during the horse ride, you will be accompanied by an experienced instructor who will take care of your security and the route of the trip; in very bad weather conditions, you are able to horse ride in a closed riding facility under the supervision of the instructor; trips are carried out all over the year because every season decorates the forest with exceptional shades of colour and allows to admire wonderful nature; instructors speak the Lithuanian, Russian, Polish and English languages; priority is given to those who have registered by telephone; we work every day, from 10:00 to 20:00; address: Saulėtekio g. 9A, Užpelkiai Village, Kretinga District (about 3 km from Palanga, in front of the Holiday Park); contacts: +37068612900, +37062215946, facebook Riding School "Leader" (Lyderis). Additional information Provided services: saunas, stud farm Place: Kartena Subdistrict
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Saulėtekio Str. 9A, Užpelkiai Village, Kretinga District


+37068612900, +37062215946