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Visit to ŠILPELKĖ forest

Activity: During the educational programme, the participants will familiarise with the ecosystem of Šilpelkė (or Dauginčiai) forest which is nearby Minija. The participants will travel along the forest of ravines and slopes, stacks lasting around 1,5 km. During the walk, the participants will study the types of forest plants and mushrooms, remember their names and characteristics, visit Dauginčiai outcrop, i.e. the Switzerland of Lithuania on the cliff of the river Minija, Dauginčiai hillfort and the old cemetery. Place and time: the pedestrian path of Šilpelkė or Dauginčiai forest. All seasons are suitable but the funniest things happen in spring and early autumn. The programme is adapted for groups of 5-9 grade learners of up to 25 children but may be adapted for younger children and older children. Duration of the class: ~ 2-3 hours (depending on the capacity of the group, season). Preparation: Proper clothing and footwear (taking into account the weather conditions) are necessary. Products are provided for fulfilment of the assignments. We also organise other educational classes taking into account your preferences or chosen objects. Besides, we conduct marches on recreational paths, on the route offered by us or chosen by yourself. We can tailor any educational programme to a different age group. Organisation of educational services, i.e. educational programmes, for a group of persons (up to 25 people) – 29 EUR/h. Educational programmes may be arranged with delivery of the exhibition of the Visitor Centre; in such case, the duration of the programmes is longer (about 30-45 min.). The programmes must be ordered and agreed in advance. For more details, please call by phone 8~445 58761, 8614 48404 or by email
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Šilpelkė educational path, Kretinga District


8445 58761, +370614 48404


for up to 25 people – 29 EUR/h


2-3 hours