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Orvydas Homestead

Orvydas Homestead

Orvidas Homestead invites everyone who long for calmness and are longing for nature to visit and have a good time. In order to support the activities of the museum and preservation of the creation of Vilius Orvidas, a large building on the second floor of which separate rooms with WC and showers are offered is equipped in the homestead in the territory of which Vilius Orvidas stone museum under the open sky, privately for convenience and rest of the visitors. The premises and environment of the homestead are perfectly adapted to accomodation of individual tourists and rest of families with children. While resting in the homestead, you can fish and crayfish in the water bodies which are in the same homestead and in the river Salantas or the lake Plateliai which are near. You can also visit Vilius Orvidas stone museum, enjoy different technical miracles, pieces of art and nature of spectacular beauty surrounding the homestead from all sides for an unlimited time.
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Gargždelė Village, Plungės Str. 18, Kretinga District


+370613 28 624