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2021 03 17

Bee therapy (apitherapy): unique possibility to get rid of stress

Bee therapy (apitherapy): unique possibility to get rid of stress
This is a unique possibility to get rid of stress, calm down, balance your thoughts and emotions lying in a special lodge with thousands of bees murmuring below you. This not only calms down but also restores damaged bio-frequencies, boosts the immune system, balances the nervous system, the endocrine system, improves blood circulation and helps people with breathing difficulties! It is completely safe because there is no open contact with bees; however, the lodge is created so that the micro vibration, smells and heat emitted by the bees reached you. Three bee familes which live normal life, producing and moulding honey in small honeycombs are under each bed. One bee family has about 50-60 thousand bees and hundreds of thousands worker bees hum under one berth. During the therapy, the person’s psycho-emotional state is restored; consequently, efficiency increases, tissue regeneration processes improve and the immune system boosts.
The aromatherapy produced by the beehive is saturated with propolis, bee wax smells and plant material called phytoncids (phytoncids are anti-bacterial agents from plants). For these reasons, the beehive therapy is a particularly effective immunisation method. Smells emit through small holes from the beehive to the room. Those who are lying can smell honey, propolis, wax, pollen extracts.
The vibrations generated by bees are like massage.
While lying you will be affected by the vibration generated by bees the range of which is identical to the frequences emitted by the man. When our biofield is disturbed, we feel destabilised, mentally and physically exhausted, different diseases attack us. This is like a specific vibration and heat massage which is also filled with the aromatherapy emitted by bees after which the nervous system affected by constant stresses and the person’s biofields are restored, blood circulation is activated. According to the data available to the Ukrainian people, this therapy helps to regulate the cardiac rhythm and is very effective for men with prostate problems. This treatment helps people suffering from respiratory diseases, asthma.
Due to long-lasting stressful condition, the organism goes out of balance and becomes not resistant to diseases.
The recommended duration of one session is one hour but already half an hour the lying persons will feel the effect of vibration and heat. The constant temperature of the beehive is about 35-36° C. You can feel the heat of the beehive even with a hand put on the wooden boards of the bed. The person can feel it. Lying above the humming bees also relaxes the nervous system, calms down. Such therapy is particularly effective for people suffering from depression and sleep disorders. While sleeping, the person’s nervous system rests and recovers, muscles and functioning of other organs are restored; therefore, the organism becomes out of balance and becomes not resistant to diseases, is unable to cope with them due to long-lasting stressful state; however, the bee therapy will be particularly effective to you if even after sleep you feel tired. This therapy treatment activates the organism recovery process; thus, the person rests much quicker. Of course, like all therapies, it should be repeated as appropriate. “The Ukrainian recommendations state that a person suffering from any problems should have up to ten sessions lasting approximately for one hour. Similarly to a normal massage. The bee therapy sessions may also last two hours for five days”.
You can have rest in the lodge from the beginning of May to the end of September, till the bee prepare for winter.
  • Poor immune function
  • Cardiovascular disorders
  • Endocrine disruptions
  • Nervous system disorders
  • High/low blood pressure
  • Stress
  • Depression
Can pollen cause allergic reactions?
Please note that the pollen collected by bees is called entomophile pollen. They differ from anemophilous field and meadow pollen carried away by the wind by their chemical composition and biological function. When the latter get to respiratory tract, they may cause allergic reactions, in particular, pollinosis (hay fever) to some persons. Meanwhile, that entomophilous pollen transported by bees and other insects from one plant to another does not have such effect. Nevertheless, if a person is sensitive to pollen of any plant, it cannot be guaranteed that pollen from bees will not cause an allergic reaction.
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