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2021 03 17

The main Christmas tree of Kretinga town was lit

The main Christmas tree of Kretinga town was lit
On Friday evening, the main Christmas tree of the district was lit in the Town Hall Square of Kretinga. Classic decoration frame tree is dedicated to children’s wishes this year.
More than 700 branches of live fir trees were used for creation of a 10 metre tall tree and 240 golden and red decorations, several tens of star-shaped decorations, a string of 3000 LED flashlights and 6000 LED lights were used for decoration of the Christmas tree.
The Christmas tree was also playfully decorated by Christmas decorations, i.e. sledges of Santa Claus, deer and interactive mail of Santa Claus. Children may drop their letters to Santa Claus written at home in the special mailbox of Santa Claus so their wishes came true and every time they drop their letters, the flashlights of the Christmas tree will flash up, thus, inviting to trust the miracle of Christmas.
The walls of the tower of Kretinga Church of the Annunciation of The Blessed Virgin Mary and the building of the monastery became the screens of Christmas fairytale. The fairytale on the historical buildings of the town revived by virtue of modern laser equipment. It was created of 150 paintings from the communities of the district educational establishments.
In order to avoid gatherings, the artistic installation was demonstrated two evenings, i.e. on Monday and Sunday, from 17:00 to 22:00, on a continuous basis.
Besides, this year another white fairytale came to life in the porch of Kretinga Manor Palace. The characters of the work “Grandmother’s Fairytale” (Senelės pasaka) written by Salomėja Nėris as well as the write tree, the sea of flashlights, different cut patterns, Christmas music and special lighting bring to the kingdom of fairytales. Due to the quarantine, the exhibition arranged in the glazed porch may be examined from the outside till the Three Kings’ Day, from 17:00 to 21:00.
This year Christmas spirit in Kretinga is also created by means of traditional luminous LED decorations in streets and even several tens of exclusive Christmas decorations, i.e. luminous bobbles in different places of the town.
Author of the photos Karolis Bakūnas