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Auksūdis II Hillfort

Auksūds II hillfort called "Pilalė", "Castle" (Pilaitė), "Castle Hiill" (Pilaitės kalnas), "Pilalis", "Pilkalnis", "Pilkalnio kalnas" and less rarely "Alkos kalnas" (Alka Hill) is settled at high altitude. The hillfort is overgrown with trees and its south-eastern side is dipped. In the first side of the 1st millenium, there was an secured ancient settlement on the hillfort the remains of the defensive mould in the western side of the field has survived. When the settlement was abandoned, the 7th-12th century grave field called "Pilalė" has survived in the hillfort and to the noth from the hillfort at its high altitude. It is said that sometimes people passing the hill used to go astray, that candles are burning at nights, that a warrior used to leave the Castle and disappear and he would not do anything bad to people. It is also told thay a pagan temple in which sacrifices to God were offered was on the hill. The name "Auksūdis" allegedly originated from this legend (place in which sacrifices were offered).
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Skuodo Str., Auksūdys, Darbėnai Subdistrict, Kretinga District