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Places to visit

Kretinga Museum and Winter Garden

The pearl of Kretinga Town in the whole Lithuania is Kretinga Museum situated in the palace and the fascinating Winter Garden. Here is no winter: here canaries are chattering, turtles calmly are looking around, always hungry Japanese carps are playing in a fountain like puppies. When the time comes, banana, lemon trees produces fruit and more and more beautiful blossom can be seen. When in 1875 the count Juozapas Tiškevičius bought Kretinga Manor and built a conservatory, soon it became the largest private conservatory in Europe. The palace is not less gorgeous; today there are exhibitions in the museum. They are real treasures: art treasures, the original diary written by the countess Sofija, the beer mug loved by the count and a lot of stories preserved in the halls of the palace. The manor became prosperous during the time when it was owned by Tiškevičius family but it is known since the 15th century. Feet of many famous noblemen can be found here.
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Vilniaus Str. 20, Kretinga

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