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Grave of the volunteer of the Lithuanian Army Juozas Zamkus

The creator volunteer of the Lithuanian Armed Forces, participant of the fights for the Independence during the period of 1919–1920 and participant of Klaipėda uprising in 1923 Juozas Zamkus (1896–1942) is buried here. The grave is marked by black polished granite rectangular-shaped memorial plaque bearing the floral pattern cross and epitaph: "Juozas Zamkus 1896–1942“. Juozas Zamkus was born on 24 December 1894 in Pailiai Village, Šiauliai District Municipality. Around the year 1912, he emigrated to the USA, finished 4 grades of the Gymnasium, acquired the citizenship of the USA, studied at the University of Engineering. When he familiarised with Steponas Darius, he joined the USA Army as a volunteer and took part in the fights of the First World War with Germany in France. In 1920, he came back to Lithuania, became a volunteer soldier, served as platoon sergeant, master sergeant, took part in fights with the Polish soldiers at Giedraičiai and Širvintos. In 1921, he was appointed as a infantryman lieutenant, on 8 April 1922 he was moved to the Intelligence Division of the General Headquarters of Naional Defence. In 1923, he headed Klaipėda Region Rebel Unit and in 1924 he was transferred to the service at border police. Later on, he and S. Darius left for the USA but soon came back to Lithuania. In 1932, he was awarded the medal for the creators volunteers of the Lithuanian Armed Forces. he worked in Slučkai Village near Kretinga, held the position of the head of Dimitravas Forced Labour Institution since 1941. He died on 13 February 1942.
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Vilniaus Str. 19A, Kretinga


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