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Kūlupėnai railway bridge

The needs of travelling people are various just like the world. Some people are interested in museums, some people are interested in the objects of nature, some people find architectural or engineering heritage most interesting. A really impressive engineering object can be seen near Kūlupėnai. The bridge built in 1932 over the river Salantas is the highest bridge in Samogitia. And it is second by length was built in the same region. The reinforced concrete bridge was built on two masonry supports. Its length is almost 113 metres and its height is 27.5 m. During the period between the two world wars, construction of the bridge was under supervision of the Danish firm. The railway section Telšiai-Kretinga constructed at that time and the bridge connected Kaunas and Klaipėda Port. Indeed, after construction of the bridge, some problems arose, i.e. a part of the embankment shifted. After repairing the bridge, it served for smooth transport. It still serves this purpose.
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Kūlupėnai, Kretinga District


55.968094, 21.514368

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