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Pastauninkas Park

People often call Kretinga the town of parks. And, indeed, trees sigh everywhere you see. Pastauninkas Park which is right near Kretinga centre is one of the largest green spaces in the town. The park is formed in the former lands of the Franciscan monastery and covers 18 ha area. During the pre-war period, two ponds were formed here by damming the rivulet Pastauninkas. Once monks bred fish in them. Today, fishermen are patiently waiting for a catch of fish on the coats of the ponds. The park is a perfect place for strolls: convenient paths, a lot of benches, beautiful views. There are a lot of wooden sculptures, information stands on flora and vegetation of the surrounding areas and even a insect hotel in Pastauninkas Park. More than one historical building, i.e. a mill, Lourdes Grotto, Saint Anthony Palace, old cemetery, Can be found near the park or in the territory of the park.
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Maironio Str. 39, Kretinga

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