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Excursion “Kretinga: from Church to Manor”

Kretinga is famous for its history. To know it better we suggest you to participate in excursion "Kretinga: from Church to Manor". During excursion you will be able to see most famous objects of Kretinga. Excursion will start from the Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin Mary Church, then you will see Lourdes grotto, you will hear a story of Saint Anthony Palace, you will visit Grave of Jurgis Pabrėža, Earls Tiškevičius family chapel, Astronomical Calendar with Sun Dial and finaly you will hear Tiškevičiai manor history.
Additional information


Group of up to 20 people – 60.00 EUR

Group from 21 people – 4.00 EUR/person


Duration of the excursion – 2 hours


Negotiated over the phone.