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Excursion “On the Paths of Monks”

Kretinga Franciscan Monastery and Church which is older than 400 years keeps a lot of nice stories and secrets. Each corner of the ensemble invites to know the life story of J. K. Chodkevičius, the miracles of the painting of Saint Anthony, prosperity and tragedies of the monastery, Kretinga from a stunning height reached after climbing the tower. The excursion "On the Paths of Monks" is a fascinating and exciting journey to the past. It is full of stories on the power of belief, the rhythm of life of monks, mysterious crypts, collapsed cellars and tunnels, slashes of swords of the Swedish soldiers and bricked up alive people and many other stories.
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Group of up to 20 people – 60.00 EUR

Group from 21 people – 4.00 EUR/person


Duration of the excursion – 2 hours


Negotiated over the phone.