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Excursion “Underworld of Kretinga. If the Walls Could Speak”

During the excursion we will visit crypts of Kretinga Church, the cellar of Saint Anthony Palace, the mausoleum of Tiškevičius chapel. We will see sarcophagi of Chodkevičius family, the remains of people who were bricked up during the war with the Swedish people. We will visit former cells in Saint Anthony Palance in which the people tortured by the NKVD (People's Commissariat for Internal Affairs) were prisoned, see the torture well. We will see the sarcophagi of the family, hear about some moments of life of Tiškevičius family.
Additional information


Price of the excursion (group up to 20 people) – EUR 100

Price of the excursion (group from 21 people) – 6 EUR/person

For children up to 6 years excursion is free.


Duration of the excursion – 2 hours


Negotiated by telephone


8 445 73 102.

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