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Excursion “Forgotten stories of the manor”

Kretinga Tiškevičius Manor is fascinating not only due to gorgeous palace, perfectly preserved buildings or well-kept park. This complex of the 19th century which is famous throughout the country invites to look deeper and find more. What did extravagant Juozapas Tiškevičius achieve? What challenges his wife Sofija had to face? For what major works his persistent daughter Marija remained undervalued? Besides, Kretinga Manor is a manor of many first times. The first telephone line, the first hydroelectric power plant, the first Lithuanian kindergarten... Not to mention the stories about miraculous Love Stone, luxurious tench treat and special turkeys worth the table of monarchs. Kretinga Manor really has forgotten stories just waiting to be told.
Additional information


Price of the excursion (group up to 20 people) – EUR 50

Price of the excursion (group from 21 people) – 3 EUR/person

For children up to 6 years excursion is free.


Duration of the excursion – 2 hours


Negotiated by phone.


8 445 73 102.

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