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Excursion “Lost Kretinga”

Kretinga is a strange and interesting town. An urbanistic monument but people ask where is the Old Town. At some time it was famous as a border town but today there is no customs office. In past centuries, the Jewish community was prospering here but no synagogue and stone have remained. This is why you should bring a guide to your date with Kretinga. Kretinga may start speaking unstoppable through the lips of a guide. Each street and the majority of buildings which we pass in the town without turning back has something to tell. During the excursion Kretinga speaks about the former Town Hall and executed punishments, prayers in a church and synagogue, lipsticks produced in the town and the first service station Shell. Kretinga town has what to tell: simply ask and be patient to listen.
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Group of up to 20 people – 60 EUR

Group from 21 people – 4 EUR/person

For children up to 6 years – free


2 hour


Negotiated by phone