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Abakai Lourdes

Dreams may have tremendous power. For example, in 1921, the resident of Abakai Village Kazimieras Navirauskas had a strange dream. The Virgin Mary showed to him near the spring and Jesus Christ was standing on the hill. As he had the same dream several times, the resident of Abakai decided to act: he built Lourdes grotto at the spring located near his homestead and built a wooden chapel on the hill which he saw in his dream. The grotto is decorated by the sculpture of the Virgin Mary delivered from France by the then dean and the chapel is decorated with a sculpture of Christ carrying the cross was delivered from Švėkšna. The altar dating back to the 18th century in the chapel was delivered from Budriai church. And the spring spurting near the grotto has long been famous for its healing properties.
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Abakai 2, Kartena, Kretinga District


55.908853, 21.468009

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