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Astronomical Calendar with Sun Dial

An exclusive calendar welcomes visitors near Tiškevičius Manor, at the edge of the park. In the year of erection, i.e. in 2002, the Astronomical Calendar with a sun dial was the first calendar in the Baltic States. This unique work is a the thesis prepared by the architect Rita Gorodeckienė. Nevertheless, this work disclosing creativity, the talent of the wood, stone and metal masters and the Lithuanian culture has not lost its relevance ever after several years. The idea to create the calendar was inspired by the Sun Dial erected in Kretinga Franciscan Monastery in 1610 which is the oldest sun dial in Lithuania. The old sun dial does not show the time any longer but the stream of time is calculated by the Astronomical Calendar with the Sun Dial. The stones, 13 oak sculptures and even 6 metre height rod of the Sun Dial arranged in 0.5 hectare area help to do this.
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Vilniaus Street 20 (Museum Park), Kretinga


55.896761, 21.251055

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