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Auksūdis Hillfort

Auksūdis hillfort or Auksūdis ancient defensive fortification called "Pilalė", "Kūliai pilalė", "Kūliai pilis", "Švedų pilalė" is located in Pilalė forest, on the left bank of the rivulet Darba, the western edge of Dainiškiai swamps. The hillfort is difficult to find, there are no clear landmarks in the forest and the ripped off ramparts stand out from the environment. The ancient defensive fortification dates back to the 1st millenium. The hillfort is wrapped in several legends which remind that the rampart was formed by the Swedish people who established the man headquarters of their army in Lithuania. Besides, a manor which sank to the ground together its lords and emerged only from time to time was also located in this place. A young lord-devil lived in the castle and would come with shepherds to beat rypka and only when received a stroke with a rowan stick, he disappeared in the castle and has never shown again. A manor mill called the Devil mill was in this place and on calendar holidays laumas would wash clothes in Kūliai castle mound (pilalė) at nights. People used to mislead, burn candles at Kūliai castle mound.
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Pilalė forest, Darbėnai Subdistrict, Kretinga District


56.061528, 21.304194