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Bajorai railway bridge

If you are interested in postmarks, you have seen at least a painted railway bridge in Kretinga, Bajorai suburb. It is a value protected by the State; thus, in 2015 the bridge was privileged to appear on the postmark. If you have not seen such mark, you should see the bridge in reality. If you travel from Kretinga towards Klaipeda, you really will not miss it. The three-horse bridge was built in 1892 by the German people. The bridge was necessary for construction of the section Klaipėda-Bajorai of the railway Tilžė-Klaipėda. The masonry bridge made of setts is above the rivulet Tenžė. It is interesting that when constructing the bridge the German people intentionally left certain spaces in its structure. Their purpose had to be ensuring the possibility to escape the territory due to military actions so that it was easier to explode the bridge. This has never happened and the bridge looks as it looked at the end of the 19th century.
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Bajorų Str., Kretinga


55.859404, 21.211095

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