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Places to visit

Bank building

If you wish to come back to the period between the two world wars, you should visit the former building of the Bank of Lithuania. It stands more or less in front of the Catholic church. And it is not a coincidence. In 1940, the bank was built on the parcel of land purchased from the Franciscan monastery. It is the only building which still reminds of the history of banking in Kretinga during the period between the two world wars. Work in the spacious bank started before the war, i.e. a waiting room was equipped for the visitors and the money was safely placed in storage facilities. At that time, the building in the old town of Kretinga was an expression of modernity, since it was constructed in accordance with the principles of functionality and neoclassicism. The manager of the bank had an apartment in the bank. Probably the tryptic, i.e. "Industrial Rural Landscape of Lithuania" (Lietuvos pramoninio kaimo peizažas), "Morning" (Rytas) and "Fisherman" (Žvejys), decorating the waiting hall in the building was the greatest asset in the building.
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Vilniaus Str. 1 / Akmenės Str. 31, Kretinga