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Cemetery of Kartena Town

The cemetery was founded around the year 1795. A chapel and several wayside shrines survived in the cemetery. The builder and parson of Kartena church Izidorius Beresnevičius (died in 1886), Ona Šalkauskaitė-Mongirdienė, the writer, doctor, participant of the first Lithuanian performance in Palanga Vladas Mongirdas (died in 1911), Jonas Paksas and Barbora Paksienė, the grandparents of the President of the Republic of Lithuania R. Paksas, are buried here. In 1990, a memorial chapel for commemoration of the victims who were killed in Kartena volost during the period of 1946–1953 was built.
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Kretingos Str., Kartena, Kretinga District


55.916695, 21.46559

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