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Complex of archeological monuments of Senoji Įpiltis

Senoji Įpiltis archeological monuments complex consists of three hillforts, a grave field and a ceremonial stone. A spectacular huge hillfort called Pilalė (castle mound), Marija kalnelis (Mary hill) stand near the pond and Karo kalnas (War Hill) hillfort is further from it, at the river Šventoji. A grave field known as Soldier graves survived near the Castle Hill (Pilies kalnas), on the slope of the river Šventoji, and the Altar stone (Aukuro akmuo) stands near Pilalė (Mary Hill (Marijos kalnelis)), near Graistupis, with a spring which is well-known for its healing powers under the stone. the archeological complex dates back to the beginning of the first millenium – the 13th century. Impiltis castle mentioned in 1253–129 was stood here.
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