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Darbėnai Gymnasium Resistance Museum

The community of Darbėnai Gymnasium is an active promoter of history. In 1998, a resistence museum was opened in the school. An exceptional museum was initiated by the resident of Darbėnai Stanislovas Burba. He donated a collection, i.e. photos, letters, books, captured memories and things related to exiles and guerillas, assembled by he himself to the school. The aim of the museum is to remind all visitors of the period of armed resistance in Lithuania from 1944 to 1953. This period is perfectly reflected by photos. The majority of the exhibition of the museum are namely photos exhibited even on eleven stands. Even seven of them are dedicated for showing the guerilla fights. The museum is also rich in publications describing the Guerilla Movement of Lithuania. Darbėnai Gymnasium also contributes to preservation of the Jewish history.
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Darbėnai, Laukžemės Str. 9, Kretinga District


8 445 56249 (school)