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Dauginčiai Hillfort

Dauginčiai hillfort called "Pilalė" "Pilis" (Castle) is located on the left bank of Minija, in the corner of the hill intervening in the confluence with the rivulet Slinkupis, overgrown with young pines. It is surrounded by Slinkupis valley from the South and East and Minija valley from the North. The hillfort dates back to AC. – beginning of the second millenium In those times, a wooden castle was located on it. In 2002, An artistic annotation mark was erected at the foot of the hillfort at the expense of Salantai Regional Park Directorate (author Arvydas Klovas). Šilkpelkė discovery path is arranged near the hillfort. It starts at Dauginčai plague graves marked by a monumental cross and a couple of chapels. The path goes along the slope of the hill towards one of the largest outcrops of the banks of the river Minija the width of which is 44 m and the height of which is up to 22 m. An amazing panorama of the river bend and old valley opens from it. The residents of Kartena call this place the Switzerland of Lithuania. One of the most northernmost nurseries of Lithuania is located near the outcrop.
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Lapgaudžiai, Kartena, Kretinga District


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