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Dauginčiai outcrop-Šilpelkė educational path

If you want to feel like in Switzerland, you don't have to travel there. The Lithuanian Switzerland, i.e. wonderful bends of the river Minija in which impressive outcrops have formed over many years, can be found in Kretinga district. One of the most beautiful outcrops is Dauginčiai outcrop. Its width is even 44 metres and height is 22 metres. The outcrops are breathtaking in all seasons of the year. For those who have knowledge about geology, the outcrop speaks in an even more interesting language. Dauginčiai outcrop is one of places to visit which may be found while walking around the discovery path of Šilpelkė forest. The length of the path is 1,5 kilometre and it meanders through Šilpelkė forest which has formed naturally. You can see Dauginčiai hillfort in the forest; thus, people have lived in the surrounding areas of the forest and discovery path already for a long time. More attentive people will see a beech grove or even bile included in the Red Book.
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Šilpelkė forest, Dauginčiai Village, Kretinga District


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