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Dimitravas Prison

When speaking about forced labour prisons, sights of the occupation oppression come to mind. However, Dimitravas prison located in Kretinga District was established in Lithuania during the period between the two world wars, upon approval of the Seimas. The prison equipped in the buildings of Dimitravas Manor was intended for criminal and political offenders who often could not prove the guilt. Prisoners (there could be up to 200 prisoners at a time) shaped stones in the prison. They were used for paving national highways and streets of cities and towns. Later on, the prison was used by the Nazis who occupied Lithuania; Jews were brought to Dimitravas by force. During the Soviet Times, there was a military camp and a kolkhoz in the buildings of the manor transformed into a prison. The sufferings people experienced here are reminded by the sculpture "Political Prisoners" created by A. Dimžlys. The place is uncanny but at the same time it attracts curious people interested in Lithuania during the period between the two world wars and the war history turning points.
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Dimitravas Village, Kretinga District

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