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Despite historical distresses, more than one important building has survived in Kretinga Manor Homestead. A distillery-brewery which for people was known as the brewery (bravoras) played an important role in the economic life of the manor. Such building is in front of the oldest pond of the manor, near the road to Salantai. Sturdy stonework built already in the 18th century is still here. There is no exhibition in the distillery so far, it is still waiting its turn. However, examination of the building from the outside allows imagining the life which thrived there in old times. The moonshiner had his room in the building. His workplace, i.e. distillery, vodka distilling premises, was near his room. A space for brewing, malt drying, fermentation was also here. Everything that has left after spirit and beer production, was not disposed of; the grain processed into intoxicating liquors could be perfectly used for fattening pigs.
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Salantų Str. 3, Padvariai Village, Kretinga District


55.901141, 21.247781

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