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Ėgliškiai-Anduliai Hillfort

Anduliai-Ėgliškiai hillfort complex stands on the upland intervening in the confluence of the rivers Dangė and Šaltupis. The hillfort set up at the edge of the upland is surrounded by a wide rampart. There is a cape named the Thunder's Hill is located to the west side from the hillfort, behind the moat. Stories tell that once a pagan temple in which a ritual stone called Sacrifice stone (Apieros akmuo) was standing here till the Second World War. The hillfort dates back to the 10th–13th centuries. Kretinga castle mentioned during the period of 1253–1290 was located in it. It is believed that in 1253 the inhabitants of Kretinga who rebelled against crusaders on the Thunder's Hill sacrificed Klaipėda castle commuter who was captured to their Gods. The 2nd-13th century grave field and mounds dating back to the the second half of the 1st millenium BC to the east and north from the hillfort.
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