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Erškėtynas spring and chapel

Erškėtynas spring spurting at the place of the ancient pagan shrine is famous for its miraculous and healing powers. People have washed their eyes and face with the water of the spring for a long time; it is believed that water especially helps for people with vision problems. A chapel as a reflection of the Christian culture is also built near the spring. In 1926, the Virgin Mary appeared to a resident of Lazdininkai Barbora Pocienė on the hill under which a spring is spurting. Erškėtynas chapel reminds namely of this revelation. The believers gather at it to this day, in particular, during Pantecost, canticles are sung and prayers to the Virgin Mary are said here. People are searching for peace and physical or spiritual recovery here. The Samogitian cross hill has formed in the place which is well-known for miracles since 1930, the year in which the masonry chapel was built.
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