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First Lithuanian kindergarten in Lithuania

First times are always special; they fall into history. This is why a red brick house near the second pond in Kretinga Manor Park which is quite simple and a little tired is so special. This is the first Lithuanian kindergarten in Lithuania. In 1898, it was established by the countess Marija Tiškevičiūtė. Children of the villagers were taken care of in the kindergarten in the height of summer works. This is when the story of the Lithuanian kindergarten began. Children left in the historical kindergarten when their parents worked in the farm of the manor were not only taken care of but also had some entertainment and basics of education. Before establishment of the kindergarten, the same building was used as a guest house; later a hospital and shelter of the manor were established. Today ordinary residents of Kretinga live in the building, the building has partially lost its beauty but historically its walls are of the same value as in the 19th century.
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Vytauto Str. 2, Padvariai Village, Kretinga District


55.899205, 21.259621

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The building is residential; thus, it is not for visitors. It may be examined from the outside