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Former Salantai synagogue

Once Salantai was the Jewish town: more than one company, store owned by Jews was established here. The fact that a large Jewish community lived in Salantai is evidenced by the fact that not only a synagogue but also the religious studies and prayer home, i.e. beth midrash, and even two smaller prayer homes, i.e. shtiblets, were established in the town. Unfortunately, all that is left of a large religious complex is the former synagogue and it is more reminded not by the architecture but by the history. Today, Salantai Cultural Centre is established in the place where masonry Salantai synagogue was built in the 19th century and was later rebuilt after a fire. Maybe the walls still remind of a synagogue but the layout of the interior was completely changed, a lot of windows were bricked up and new windows were made during the Soviet times. Today there is a tablet on Salantai Cultural Centre which reminds that this place was very important to Jews for sacral reasons which has developed more than one rabbi known in the Jewish communities of the world.
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A. Salio Str. 4, Salantai, Kretinga District



Opening hours:

I-V 8:00 – 17:00

(Today there is the centre of culture of Salantai)

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