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Franciscan Sisters Congregation of Perpetual Help of the Blessed Virgin Mary

The inhabitants of Kretinga gently call the sisters-nuns who have settled in Pušyno Street, Kretinga, "sisters of help". This monastery is exclusive due to its Lithuanian origin and as the sisters are joking, it is the only Samogitian monastery in the town in which there are even 5 monasteries. In 1936, the Congregation was established by the Guardian of the Franciscan monastery Augustinas Dirvelė. At that time, the sisters had to help to maintain the church, carry out women's household chores. The sisters help to decorate the church, and today prepare children for the First Communion according to the old customs. They also visit lonely people, patients and their main purpose is to advocate between youth and adults. In 1954, the sisters established in Pušyno Street purchased a house from their savings. Today it is reconstructed, there is enough space for people seeking for peace of mind and wish to temporarily settle at the sisters' place.
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Pušyno Str. 2, Kretinga