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Gaidys mountain chapel

Gaidys Chapel of the Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Salantai is wrapped in legends about a hidden treasure, the church which stood there and crowing of a rooster. The hill around which traces of ancient people were found was named Gaidys (Rooster) Hill due to this strange phenomenon. Allegedly the people passing the hill were frightened by mysterious crowing of a rooster. It stopped only after a chapel was built. It is told that the first church of Salantai could stand on the same hill. However, there are some signs of pagan: a massive stone near the chapel is associated with worship of nature. And during the Soviet years graduates used to secretly gather at the chapel and prayed for success in exams; they had to walk around the church on knees for three times. The Franciscan Vilnius Orvidas made a footprint, i.e. equipped an altar, decorated the surroundings of the chapel.
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Žvainiai Village, Kretinga District

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