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Gargždelė cemetery chapel

It is likely that in the 19th century the chapel located in Gargždelė cemetery was supposed to become a church. The chapel constructed by the noblemen Gorskis and dedicated to the martyr Saint Barbara has a lot of elements characteristic of the church. The chapel built in 1824 is of renaissance style and a lot of ancient equipment of Salantai church was moved to it. During the period of construction of a new church, sacred service took place in Saint Barbara chapel. During the Soviet Times, it was a part of Kretinga Museum: various exhibits were kept in the chapel. If you visit Saint Barbara chapel, you must walk around Gargždelė cemetery. Such stone and concrete monuments are rare today, extravagant sculptures, chapels will attract your eye. More than one interesting personality was buried in the cemetery: the stone master V. Orvidas, the leader of Oginskis Manor Orchestra J. Mašekas and the parents of the bishop M. Valančius.
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Žemaitės Str. 61, Gargždelė Village, Kretinga District

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