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Gargždelė cemetery

This is Salantai parish cemetery which during the Soviet times became civil cemetery was opened at the end of the 18th century. There was a wooden Saint Barbara chapel in the cemetery; in 1824, the landlord from Salantai Leopoldas Gorskis built a masonry chapel instead of the chapel. The following priests were buried near ordinary parishioners of Salantai in the cemetery: Jonas Kontrimas (died in 1868), Juozapas Ščepauskis (1804–1880), Jonas Žiburinskis (died in 1905), Vincentas Kaušas (died in 1909), long-term parson of Salantai parish Kazimieras Bielskis (died in 1888), his brother, Bernardine monk Liudvikas Bielskis (died in 1878), famous book smuggler, publisher of the Lithuanian almanacs Aleksandras Bendikas (1867–1939), long-term pharmasist, municipal officer of Salantai, founder of Salantai riflemen's squad Jurgis Bučmys (1865–1935), leader of Rietavas Oginskis orchestra Jozefas Mašekas (1865–1927), stone masters Jonas Orvidas (1872–1939), Kazys Orvidas (1905–1989) and Vilius Orvidas (1952–1992), folk master, creator of Palanga Juzė sculpture Petras Kalenda (1903–1986), Righteous Among the Nations Zofija Kasperaitienė (1898–1972) and Pranas Kasperaitis (1888–1869), guerilla of the Samogitian district Uršulė Riepšienė-Kazbaraitienė (1902–1986), collector Aleksas Gapanavičius (1919–1998), public figure, municipal officer of Salantai volost Juozas Paulauskas (1882–1965) whose grave is marked by a tombstone monument made of meteorite.
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Žemaitės Str. 61, Gargždekė Village, Kretinga District


56.050698, 21.59738

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