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Gaudučiai Hillfort

Gaudučiai hillfort called as Čerčesnagiai hill, Čerčesnagis, Pilalė, Pilimi and Gaudučiai hill is a putative hillfort on the right bank of the river Alantas. The southern slope is washed, erodes to the river Alantas. The hillfort is overgrown with deciduous trees. No mounds typical of the hillfort can be seen. Preliminary, the putative hillfort dates back to the 1st millenium. The legends say that in antiquity a castle was standing on the hill (thus, the hill was called Castle) and there was a town in the terrace at the foot of the hillfort. It is told that the hill is haunted and laumas wash clothes in the rivulet Alantas which is at the foot of the hillfort. Allegedly there was a door which today is fallen over in the slope. Once one young shepherd accidently reached the top of the hill and saw aplenty of assets there. Another child accidentally heard about the treasure and sneaked into the hill to overtake the assets but has not come back. In the opinion of Petras Tarasenka, this is a "ritual hillfort", i. e. shrine hill.
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Gaudučiai, Kartena Subdistrict, Kretinga District


55.915472, 21.533722