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Gintarai Hillfort

An extraordinarily beutiful cherry orchard, manor, three ponds and the Evangelical Reformed Church. It which place it could be? Gintarai hillfort or the Cherry Orchard is the place in which the life was completely different life till the 16th century. The mentioned objects disappeared a long time ago but the fantastic view from the hill has not changed; it really makes to gasp. And if you could just remember the legend that a landlady who was buried alive in the cellars of the manor leave the hill for three hundred years, this gives the shivers. Possibly, in antiquity the manor had a great cherry orchard; thus, the hill was named Cherry Hill. It is told that when walking around the hillfort, one can find secret entrances to the cellars of the demolished manor full of leisure. In case of a failure, it is worth knowing that there were burial mounds near the Cherry Hill formed alredy in the 2nd century BC. Thus, this place is the territory in which Balts and Curonians lived.
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Pušyno Str., Gintarai Village, Kretinga District


55.930909, 21.492471

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