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Grave of Jurgis Pabrėža

It is said that if you really want to know some culture, you should visit cemetery. If you want to know Kretinga, you should also visit the cemetery. One of the many graves in the old cemetery of Kretinga is particularly often visited. It is tha grave of the Franciscan monk Jurgis Ambrozijus Pabrėža. In the 19th centry, the father Ambrozijus was famous for his sermons, he was a great teacher but people used to address him as a doctor. The father Ambrozijus who tried some botany and medicine studies examined the healing properties of plants and was particularly valued as a people's doctor. A cross was erected on the modest grave only after several decades after his death. Later on, during the interwar period, a neo-gothic chapel was erected on the grave by virtue of the head of the Franciscan monastery Augustinas Dirvelė. It is still visited by the residents of Kretinga who light candles and plead for grace.
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Vilniaus Str. 19A, Kretinga


55.894001, 21.243497

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